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1. Think & Grow Rich

2. Ten Roads to Riches

3. 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

4. The Richest Man in Babylon



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I've spent countless hours creating this - I can personally guarantee that my product will EMPOWER YOU like nothing you've ever experienced before. You'll discover the best of the best Information, Wisdom, Tools and Strategies from the masters of the game about how to create lasting wealth in life.

I myself use these notes regularly and people have thanked me a hundred times and are amazed when I hand someone a copy of this. This is something that will empower you for the rest of your life.

These handpicked titles contain all the ideas and hints you need to make yourself excessively successful, simply grease through the pages anytime and you''ll be empowered with timeless wisdom..

I've put in more than three years of focused reading, collecting and organizing volumes of information into short reports that will totally transform your ability to put ideas into action!

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The idea behind sharing my personal notes with other aspiring entrepreneurs like me is very simple. I want you to experience the same kind of confidence, beat your learning curve by decades and be on your way to make millions just like me.

I had this noble idea of contributing to other people's success and not wait for the perfect time to do it. The cost is really like a drop in the ocean considering the mammoth amount of work I've put behind this project, and the impact it will have in your business career.

I attribute all my business success to these books. I'm on my way to build my third multi-million dollar company, hope it does the same for you. I can assure you, greasing through these notes will directly effect your business growth immediately - it has done so for many others.

1. Gain  100+ years of business wisdom in Days
Legendary entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet, Jobs, Gates and many others have spent billions of dollars in testing their strategies for effectiveness…and it was money well spent - it is only stupid of us if we don't capitalize on their successful & unsuccessful strategies.

Now you have access to 100+ years of solid business information that you can tap into anytime you need.

2.  Proven Strategies at your Convenience
I've put in more than three years of reading, organizing and designing information from 125 Books (approximately 35,000 pages), condensed into visually appealing cliff notes - that you can grease through anytime and re-learn the strategies you learnt earlier. You have access to set of proven strategies in almost every area of your business.

3. Unfair Advantage over your competition always
Having the knowledge and insights from these books gives you the unfair advantage over your competition hands down. You'll be fully equipped with the knowledge, the tools, the mindsets and concepts used to by the most successful entrepreneurs to stay ahead of your competition in any given day.. be it in negotiating, growth, marketing, hiring or any other department.

4. Train your Team
This is one of the biggest benefit of using the Billionaire's Brain - Now empower your team with these notes.. With these powerful cliff notes, you can train and arm your team members with different skill sets and make them high-performance individuals just like you.

I quite often use them to enhance my team's performance and skills, and most of the time I'm surprised by the results it gets me. You can turn anyone into a Branding & marketing expert, a better manager, a smooth negotiator, a professional presenter, a pro salesman or more...

5. Lay a STRONG foundation for Mega Success

These books have stood the test of time. While there are surely books from the last few years that could help you, it is absolutely vital that you lay a foundation with books proven invaluable by the test of time. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or have been building your company for years, these books are full of wisdom and advice that can help you lay a strong foundation to achieve your biggest goals & dreams.

6. Gain a Self-Esteem of a Giant
Once you imbibe the knowledge from all these books, you'll have the self-esteem of a seasoned entrepreneur and be ca[able of taking on bigger challenges in your career. Self-esteem is the bed-rock for excellence in business. Acquiring such volume of knowledge will instantly boost your self-esteem like nothing you've experienced before. You'll be well prepared and confident to face the biggest, most complex business challenges head on.

7. Implement more Effectively
Now you'll remember more of what you've read. By reading these short reports, your comprehension and retention of the key ideas will increase. That means you'll be able to use more of what you're reading from each book. Numerous studies have shown that you will actually remember more ideas by reading a summary than you will by reading the entire book. It's the quality / quantity trade-off -- a concise summary identifies the key points and leaves out irrelevant filler, letting you focus more clearly on key issues.

8. Save Thousands of Dollars & Years of Reading 
It's cheaper to invest a small amount rather than buying the entire book. You can buy the book with confidence, after reading the summary and knowing it will be directly applicable to your current  requirements. The amount of time I spent to read every book, organize the key concepts and create these professional formatted summaries is about three years of focused work. Now you can own all that hard work within minutes and beat your learning curve in business by decades.

9. Stay Motivated Always
One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is to stay motivated. With day- to day problems & struggles, it strains are ability to self motivate - we seek outside motivation (like books, stories, movies, seminars) to motivate us. Next time you feel low or stuck in a major problem - quickly greasing through these notes can help you find new solutions to your problems, inspire innovations and bring forth new ideas that can dramatically change your business.

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  Think & Grow Rich    |  The Richest man in Babylon

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing  |  Ten Roads to Riches

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